Energy Analysis

You want to increase your energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions? Or you are more interested in a sustainable, cost-effective energy

supply? The energy analysis gives you an overview of the current energy situation and a rough estimation of the energy saving potential.

All other needs can be considered individually.

Possible analysis topics:

  • Energy costs and consumption efficiency
    Example: Recording all relevant energy consumers and their requirements, rough estimation of heat recovery potential, detecting peak load power consumptions, working out economical approaches for energy efficiency improvements
  • CO2 emission reduction / Roadmap to zero carbon
    Example: Recording all relevant CO2 emitters, rough estimation of energy efficiency improvement potential, examination of alternative energy sources, comparison of different energy sources for sub-processes
    Key words: district heating, wood boiler, wood gasifier, geothermal energy, ground water energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, heat pumps, heat recovery, etc.
  • Energy supply
    Example:  Optimization regarding temperature level and performance; Comparison of natural gas boiler with wood boiler
    Key words: heating boiler, refrigeration unit, combined heat and power plant, gas turbine, etc.
  • Internal energy conversion:
     Energy conversion units (ECU) use non- or suboptimally usable heat to make it (better) usable for the system.
    Key words: heat pump, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), mechanical vapor recompression (MVR), thermal vapor recompression (TVR)

Further support

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