In these challenging times we are pleased to inform that we are able beeing at your disposal with full working capacity - while respecting and complying with the current safety regulations.

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What we do

ANYTHERM’s main products are custom-made finned-tube heat exchanger units, operated with steam, water, glycol, oil, etc. Usually these units are installed into an insulated casing, which can be combined with filters, fans, sorption wheels, etc. For cleaning and maintenance, the heat exchanger elements can be easily pulled out of the casing, without removing the insulation. For heat recovery systems, the finned-tube heat exchangers can be combined with our pillow-plate / thermo plate heat exchangers (e.g. the ProcessTherm). The finned-tube heat exchanger units are used on the inlet air side (pre-heater) and if available on the flue gas side. Our pillow-plate heat exchanger ProcessTherm, usually equipped with a CIP-System, is used on the dust loaded exhaust air side.

Our services cover the whole process within the scope of heat exchange, heat recovery and energy efficiency improvement projects.

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How we work

ANYTHERM AG processes all heat exchange requests, serving our customers all around the world. For heat recovery applications, we are combining our finned-tube and pillow plate heat exchanger solutions - aiming for an optimal, cost-efficient and easy to clean / low maintenance system. The products are manufactured in our established production facilities in Denmark and Poland. Our heat exchanger elements, such as steam heat exchangers, are manufactured with automated welding machines. Therefore, we are able to deliver high quality products at cost-efficient prices.

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Good to know

Finned-tube steam air heater
  • All products are customized according to client specification and request
  • Insulated housings (mineral wool insulation material), fully welded, sanitary design
  • Extractable elements (for cleaning and maintenance) without removing the insulation 
  • High quality products (welding quality assurance system EN ISO 3834-2, plant production control EN 1090, TÜV Rheinland certified) and materials (stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316)
  • Profound and reliable knowledge in heat exchangers e.g. for spray drying process air treatment and heat recovery applications
  • Swiss engineering service (professional, timely and customer-oriented) 


Get impressions of our high quality products with pictures from everyday production life.

ANYTHERM AG - Swiss-Engineered High Quality Heat Exchangers at Cost-Efficient Prices