Customized HVAC Solutions

Next to and based on our profound knowledge in the engineering and production of custom-made high-quality heat exchanger solutions for the process industry, and combined with our cost-efficient production sites in Denmark and Poland, we can also offer you reliable, custom-made HVAC heat exchanger solutions for demanding applications.


We focus on challenging HVAC applications with needs for customized solutions - where standard products no longer meet the requirements - e.g. due to:

  • Needs for customized complete units incl. casing, transitions pieces and e.g. combined with filters, fans, dehumidification, electrical heaters, etc.
  • Space issues / customized rebuild for heat exchanger replacements
  • High airflows of up to 200'000 kg/h per unit
  • High pressures, high temperatures and/or particle/dust loaded media
  • Needs for sanitary design in HVAC food applications
  • Complete HVAC heat recovery circulation systems incl. pumping and instrumentation
Exemplary Heat Recovery Circulation System for HVAC Applications
Exemplary Heat Recovery Circulation System for HVAC Applications (our standard scope of delivery are the heat exchangers and the pumping station - on demand, also the piping and the installation work can be offered)

Economic analysis / Subsidies

On demand, we can also offer you economic analysis (Payback, NPV, IRR) for heat recovery systems for HVAC applications (which often pay back within 1-2 years) and support you regarding potential subsidies (public financial support - as heat recovery systems contribute to less emissions).

Customized Fin-Tube and Pillow-Plate Heat Exchanger Solutions for HVAC Applications

Our Customized HVAC Solutions

  • Air heaters / air coolers
  • Steam heat exchangers
  • Refrigerant evaporators and condensers
  • Heat recovery circulation systems
  • Pumping stations for heat recovery systems


In contrast to our process industry solutions which are mainly made of stainless steel (housing and tubes) and aluminum (fins), our HVAC solutions can be executed (depending on the specific application):

  • Casing: galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Tubes: copper or stainless steel
  • Fins: aluminum (standard), stainless steel or copper
Fin-Block Samples with Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fins
Fin-Block Samples with Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fins

Customized High Quality HVAC Products at Cost Efficient Prices