Consulting: Energy Efficiency, Heat Recovery, CO2-Reductions, Net Zero Roadmaps, and more!

Anytherm combines profound practical knowhow in industrial heat exchange and heat recovery applications with scientifically based methodologies in approaching the heat recovery, efficiency improvement and CO2-reduction potential of your site. Our energy analysis and energy management services complete our versatile field of service and consulting activities.

Heat Exchange Services

Our heat exchange services cover the whole process within the scope of heat exchange, heat recovery and energy efficiency improvement projects: from consulting before project initialization to installation on site up to after sales service.


Even though being an established technology, heat exchanging applications can be challenging regarding production implementation or when having polluted media. Based on the profound and reliable knowledge in advanced heat exchanger technology, we can analyse the optimisation and heat recuperation potential (incl. economic analysis) of your site and provide hands-on concepts for implementation.

Heat exchanger services covering the whole process within heat exchanger projects

Heat Recovery (Pinch) Analysis

"The target is to operate a process at required throughput and product quality with minimum energy, resource requirements and emissions."

In industry, often more than half of the energy is used for heating and cooling processes. It is therefore important to analyze these processes more closely and optimize them in terms of energy consumption, (CO2-) emissions, as well as investment and operating costs. The Pinch analysis systematically examines the entire system (process, production plant, and energy supply). Then, a technically feasible and economically optimized plant design is generated. With the recommended measures, the energy requirements of industrial processes can be reduced by 10% to 40%. The payback period is generally one to four years.

Composite Curves Pinch Analysis
Exemplary hot and cold composite curves. Shifting the cold CC to the left reduces the dTmin, increases the heat recovery potential (HR Pot.) and reduces the need for cold and hot utility (CU resp. HU)

Energy Analysis

You want to increase your energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions? Or you are more interested in a sustainable, cost-effective energy supply?

The energy analysis gives you an overview of the current energy situation and a rough estimation of the energy saving potential.

All other needs can be considered individually.

Energy flow diagram
Exemplary energy diagram of a typical corporate energy flow diagram. Energy supply per energy source/fuel on the left, the consumers and their share of the energy use on the right. (source: / 24.08.2020)

Net Zero Roadmaps

How can your path to CO2 neutrality be optimized in terms of energy and costs?

With our net zero roadmaps, we provide a clear vision for your company.

Our roadmap to net zero consists of a plan of measures, which also takes into account the technical changes already planned or required at your site in the future (such as planned plant upgrades or process adjustments). The roadmap shows a reduction path with concrete CO2 savings measures and the respective investment costs and CO2 savings.

Net Zero Roadmap (CO2 Neutrality)
With our net zero roadmaps, we provide a clear vision for your companies path to CO2 neutrality.

Energy Management Services

Our energy management consulting services cover the following topics:

  • Energy Management System Improvements
  • ISO 50001 Management Systems Roadmaps
  • Development of Energy Targets and Strategies
  • Energy Saving Measures Analysis and Proposals
  • Communication and Awareness Raising Measures
  • Funding Opportunity Investigations and Applications
  • Energy Data Measurement Systems Implementations
Heat exchanger services covering the whole process within heat exchanger projects

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