Executive Management

Managing Directors, Owners and Founders of ANYTHERM AG are Dominic Ettlin and Nicolas Ettlin.

Dominic Ettlin holds an HF in Mechanical Engineering and has more than 16 years professional experience in the heat exchanger industry. He offers profound knowledge in heat recovery systems and finned-tube heat exchanger solutions for spray drying applications and has gained a large network in this field.

Dominic is married and father of 3 children.

Dominic Ettlin

Managing Director

Sales and Technology

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Nicolas Ettlin holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich where he focused on thermodynamics, energy, flows and processes. His scientific background combined with his professional experience in the energy consulting and engineering sector offers the opportunity for further advancements and applications. 

Nicolas is married and father of 3 children.

Nicolas Ettlin

Managing Director

Operations and Strategy

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project management and consulting

Tobias Helbling holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering where he focused on thermodynamics, energy, flows and processes with particular specialization in the Pinch Analysis methodology. Tobias is responsible for energy consulting projects, advising our customers how to economically improve their energy efficiency and to reduce COemissions - e.g. by analyzing how to optimally recover excess process heat by applying heat exchangers, heat pumps or further energy technologies.

Tobias Helbling

Project Management

Head of Energy Consulting

Stephan Pagano holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with focus on energy systems. He has gained more than 20 years of experience in commissioning, technical sales and consulting regarding customized industrial process applications such as steam turbines, heat pumps as well as heat exchange and heat recovery systems. Stephan is fluent in English, German, Italian an Portuguese and can also assist you in Spanish. At Anytherm, Stephan is working in the field of consulting, project management, sales and commissioning.

Stephan Pagano

Project Management, Sales

Mechanical Engineer / Energy Systems Specialist

Tomislav Stefancic holds a technical professional baccalaureate and is a qualified design engineer with many years of experience in engineering and project management of heat exchange and heat recovery units, as well as in the design of special executions such as pumping stations. Furthermore he helds additional qualifications in documentation and certificiation (such as for certifying medical devices). At Anytherm, Tomislav is working as project manager and design engineer.

Tomislav Stefancic

Project Management

Design Engineer

Maciek Szczęch holds a Master of Science in Engineering with specialization in thermodynamics, power plants, automation and mechanics. Maciek gained extensive experience in the process industry, working in the field of thermal process, design and commissioning engineering for about 30 years. At Anytherm, Maciek is working in the field of project management, sales and commissioning. Furthermore he performs service and consulting tasks within our heat recovery and energy efficiency projects.

Maciek Szczęch

Project Management, Sales

Senior Process Engineer

Tomasz Westrych holds a Master of Science in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering with specialization in heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as in clean room applications. Tomasz gained 20 years of professional experience - 15 years thereof as project and design manager for industrial air treatment and heat recovery systems for the food/dairy and further process industries. At Anytherm, Tomasz' main activities are in the field of project management, design engineering and commissioning of our worldwide projects. 

Tomasz Westrych

Project Management

Senior Design Engineer

Andreas Wild holds an HF in Mechanical Engineering and gained more than 14 years professional experience as project manager in the field of design and development engineering in Switzerland and abroad. Andreas is responsible for the project management with focus on design engineering of heat exchange and recovery projects. Furthermore he performs service and consulting tasks within our heat recovery and energy efficiency projects.

Andreas Wild

Project Management

Design Engineer

Production and Detail-engineering

We can rely on more than 10 well educated and experienced design engineers and draftsmen which are responsible for the detail engineering / technical drawings of our heat exchanger units. Furthermore, the detail-engineering is capable to perform special tasks such as strength calculations or design according to earthquake safety guidelines.


Construction Energineers, Draftsmen

Our products are produced in modern equipped workshops in Denmark and Poland. The certified production facilities are specialized in metal-sheet working and welding of high quality stainless-steel materials. We can rely on more than 150 well educated production employees and can offer and coordinate service and installation work for our products all over the world.

Production Staff

Sheet Metal Working, Welding, Quality Management, World-Wide Installations


Tamara Schwager holds an executive Master of Business Administration with focus on Service Excellence, Project and Business Management. As our Head of Administration, Tamara is responsible for our administrative project handling as well as for marketing activities. In addition, Tamara performs economic tasks within our energy consulting projects. Besides her responsible job and as mother of two children, Tamara is a horse enthusiast and loves hiking and enjoying nature.

Tamara Schwager

Head of Administration

Kristina Suomela, responsible for our Administration and Accounting, is a qualified accounting professional with many years of experience in wage and financial accounting. In addition to her full-time job as accountant, Kristina is a successful book author and mother of two children.

Kristina Suomela

Administration and Accounting

Georg Burgener, Head of Accounting and future Chief Digital Officer (CDO) NDS HF, holds a Federal Diploma of Higher Education as a Certified Fiduciary. Georg worked for several global players like PwC and Deloitte as well as for the Cantonal Tax Authorities in Zurich. Georg is head of our financial accounting, our Swiss VAT handling advisor and responsible for our annual financial statements.

Georg Burgener

Head of Accounting

Board OF Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of Yves Ettlin (Chairman), Dominic Ettlin and Nicolas Ettlin (Board Members).

Yves Ettlin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, holds a BBA in Business, Management, Marketing and Controlling as well as several further higher management educations. For many years he held executive positions in well-known international companies - latest as managing director finance, logistics and administration of a 4000+ employees / 1 billion dollar annual sales company. Yves voluntarily engages himself as board member of various charitable institutions, is married and father of 5 children.

Yves Ettlin


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