Lithium Battery Processing

Spray drying is a crucial process in lithium battery production. It involves converting liquid materials into fine powder through atomization and rapid drying. 

To ensure efficient spray drying in lithium battery production, Anytherm provides specialized high-quality air handling, heat exchange and heat recovery equipment. Our systems maintain optimal air circulation, temperature control, and moisture removal. By recovering and reusing heat, we enhance energy efficiency and reduce production costs.


The air handling equipment, such as fans and filters, ensures proper airflow and contaminant removal during spray drying. Heat recovery systems, including heat exchangers and pumping stations, capture and recycle thermal energy from exhaust air and other processes with excess heat, minimizing energy wastage.


By optimizing air handling and incorporating heat recovery equipment of Anytherm, lithium battery manufacturers can enhance productivity, reduce environmental impact, and achieve cost savings in their production processes.


Anytherm provides technologies for lithium battery process steps such as Sorption Dehumidifiers, Heat Recovery Systems as well as general Production Air/Gas Handling Units. Furthermore, with our industrial Energy Consulting Services, we can analyze the total heat recovery and energy savings potential of your production facility and can elaborate technically feasible energy recovery and CO2 reduction measures that can significantly lower your operation expenses.

Custom-Made Heat Exchange and Heat Recovery Solutions for the Process Industry


Cost-Efficient and Easy to Clean / Low Maintenance Heat Exchange and Recovery Systems for Battery Processing