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Heat Recovery Systems

We focus on waste heat recovery systems for sticky, polluted or dust loaded media as exhaust gas of spray drying or flue gas of combustion processes.


For heat recovery systems, our finned-tube heat exchangers can be combined with our pillow-plate / thermo-plate heat exchangers. The finned-tube heat exchanger units are for example used on the inlet air side (pre-heater) and if available on the flue gas side, and our pillow-plate heat exchanger ProcessTherm, usually equipped with a CIP-System, used on the dust loaded exhaust air side.

Heat Recovery Systems for Polluted, Dust Loaded Wate Heat

Spray Drying

We are specialized in fully welded, sanitary-designed  and custom made heat exchange, air handling, dehumidification and process equpiment and offer profound knowledge in spray drying heat exchanger applications for air conditioning and heat recovery.

Custom-Made Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers for Air Treatment in Spray Drying Processes

Process Industries

Anytherms general scope is within every industry that requires heat exchange or heat recovery solutions in the production process, such as

  • Food/Dairy
  • Chemical or Pharma
  • Pump/Paper Industry

Our goal is to find the best solution - custom made for the actual application and process requirement - which optimally benefits the customer both technically and economically.

Custom-Made Heat Exchange and Heat Recovery Solutions for the Process Industry

battery processing

Anytherm provides technologies for lithium battery process steps (i.e. Spray Dryers) such as Sorption Dehumidifiers, Heat Recovery Systems as well as general Production Air/Gas Handling Units. Furthermore, with our industrial Energy Consulting Services, we can analyze the total heat recovery and energy savings potential of your production facility and can elaborate technically feasible energy recovery and CO2 reduction measures. 

Custom-Made Heat Exchange and Heat Recovery Solutions for the Process Industry

Cooling Applications

Our product portfolio also covers particular cooling applications e.g. for power plants and the metal industry, as:

  • Generator coolers for power plants
  • Hydrogen coolers for the metal industry
  • Flue gas coolers for heat recovery of combustion systems (natural gas, propane, etc.)
Customized Fin-Tube and Pillow-Plate Heat Exchanger Solutions, as Generator Coolers for Power Plants and Hydrogen Coolers for the Metall Industry

Customized HVAC Solutions

Next to and based on our profound knowledge in the engineering and production of custom-made high-quality heat exchanger solutions for the process industry, and combined with our cost-efficient production sites in Denmark and Poland, we can also offer you reliable, custom-made HVAC heat exchanger solutions for demanding applications - where standard systems no longer meet the requirements.

Customized Fin-Tube and Pillow-Plate Heat Exchanger Solutions for HVAC Applications

Cost-Efficient and Easy to Clean / Low Maintenance Solutions for the Processing Industry