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Moving Business Location

ANYTHERM is expanding and therefore moves its business location. From 1st of May 2019, our new company address will be: 

ANYTHERM AG, Laubisruetistrasse 42a, 8712 Staefa, Switzerland


→ Get some insights in our modern equipped office infrastructure by clicking the picture:


06. March 2019

Delivery of 30 tons Gas-to-Gas Heat Recuperator

Within only two months, this big 30 tons bare-tube gas-to-gas heat recuperator completely made of stainless steel (AISI 316L) has been produced and timely delivered to a factory in the Netherlands. 

We would like to thank our valued customer for the close and trustful cooperation. Also big thanks for the effort and high quality work executed by the workshop staff.

28. February 2019


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful, healthy and happy New Year and would like to thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation and the trust you have placed in us.

22. December 2018

Gas-to-Gas Heat Recuperation for the Netherlands

One of our latest received orders consists of a large bare-tube gas-to-gas recuperator (about 3x3.5x11 meters, 30 tons and over 1500 tubes - completely made of AISI 316L) for a factory in the Netherlands. Thanks to the recuperator, the waste heat from the exhaust air is transferred directly to the supply air. Our customer thus saves immense energy costs and reduces its CO2 emissions.

17. December 2018

Delivery of 8 Heat Exchanger Units For The Ukraine

Our first bigger project since the independency of ANYTHERM has been successfully produced - with our high-quality standards and on time. The scope of delivery consisted of 8 heat exchanger units including one big (3x4x10 meters / 17.5 tons) Air Intake Unit. The units will be installed in a spray drying factory in the Ukraine.

The production work in the facility in Poland went smoothly and highly professional, and the collaboration with our customer was close and trustful as usual. We would like to thank all participants for the successful cooperation.

10. December 2018

Sorption Wheel Dehumidification Units for Japan

ANYTHERM AG received an order of one of its main customers located in Singapore. The project consists of five heat exchanger units (1 Air Intake Unit, 2 Sorption Wheel Dehumidification Units, 2 Air Cooling/Heating Units) which will be delivered to a baby food spray drying plant in Japan.

Our high-quality heat exchanger units will be produced with highest sanitary standards - as it is essential in our projects for the baby food spray drying industry.

22. November 2018

Name CHange

We proudly announce our new company name ANYTHERM AG.

By changing our name, we want to underline the independency of our company from the former ACO-Group. Our high-quality products and services remain the same. We are looking forward to further serve all our valued customers.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

26. October 2018

ANYTHERM AG is completely owned by managing directors and founders Dominic Ettlin and Nicolas Ettlin.

CONTINUous cooperations

We are proud to announce that we received a big order from one of our main customers. The order consists of 8 heat exchanger units including a large air intake unit, which will be delivered to a spray drying factory in the Ukraine.

After ACO-Engineering AG Switzerland decided to stay independent - to still be able to serve all of our customers - we are glad receiving this proof of trust. We are looking forward to a close and trustful cooperation with all of our valued customers.

18. June 2018

We stay independent

Our sister company ACO-Service A/S incl. its subsidiary companies ACO-Engineering Sp. z o. o. Poland and ACO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. have been acquired by SiccaDania. ACO-Engineering AG Switzerland decided to stay independent - to still be able to serve all of its valued customers.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

21. March 2018

New website online

Our new website is online! Please feel free to learn more about our products, applications and about our company.

30. January 2018

Thank you

We would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation in 2017 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

24. December 2017

More than 50 units delivered

More than 50 finned tube heat exchanger units have been produced and delivered since the establishment of our business unit in January 2017. We would like to thank all of our customers for their confidence in us and are looking forward to be able to deliver many more of our products within future projects.

03. October 2017

Officially established

ANYTHERM AG (formerly named ACO-Engineering AG Switzerland) has been officially established as an independent company located in Uerikon (city of Stäfa), Switzerland. ACO-Engineering AG Switzerland is part of the ACO Group that consists of ATHCO-Engineering A/S, ACO-Engineering Sp. z o. o., ACO-Service A/S and ACO Asia Pacific.

25. July 2017

Steam air heater delivered

Our first finned-tube steam air heater unit equipped with condensate cooling and innovative safety system was delivered in June. Many other finned-tube units were produced since then or are in the pipeline and will soon be ready for delivery.

23. June 2017

Finned-tube steam air heater

More than 30 units ordered

Already more than 30 finned tube heat exchanger units have been ordered - great success from the very beginning for our newly established business unit. We would like to thank our customers for placing their orders with us and are looking forward to deliver our high quality products.

27. April 2017

Start of our operations

ANYTHERM AG (formely named ACO-Engineering AG Switzerland) has initially been established in Switzerland as a new business unit of ATHCO-Engineering A/S, being part of the ACO Group that consists of ATHCO-Engineering A/S, ACO-Service A/S, ACO-Engineering Sp. z o. o.,  and ACO Asia Pacific.

02. JANUARY 2017