TP-HEX Thermo Plate (Pillow Plate) Heat Exchanger
TP-HEX (Thermo Plate Heat Exchanger)

Main Features

  • Pillow plate (thermo plate) type compact heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency
  • Wide range of use within the liquid-to-liquid heat transfer
  • Various fields of applications: coolers, heaters, heat transfer, condensers, reboilers, evaporators, etc.
  • Counter current flow on both sides of the pillow plates with highly positive effect on the heat transfer chracteristics
  • Compact design (higher heat transfer per m³ than other similar products) which is especially valued when installing the product in existing plants where the space can be limited


  • Manufactured in all the materials that can be cold-worked
  • Up to 3 times smaller than a shell and tube heat exchanger where part of the available drop in pressure is used to reverse the flow around the baffle plates 
  • Compact design saves space and installation costs
  • Low maintenance costs because of the self cleaning effect and the completely welded structure without seals
  • Low fouling tendency because of optimum turbulence
  • Compact design: efficient heat transfer because of large contact surfaces
  • TP HEX is constructed with easy access in connection with cleaning. The thermo plate bank can very easily be dismounted and cleaned. The heat exchanger is also available with a fixed bank. This model can be equipped with a CIP-system upon request

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