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Christmas and NEw Year campaign 2021

At Christmas and New Year, people enjoy being together and also like to exchange gifts. Also this year, we wanted to take this beautiful tradition as an opportunity to think of those who have less - who may even be in urgent need of a gift.

Instead of sending greeting cards and customer gifts, we therefore once again supported the aid organization Himalayan Life with a donation. With our contribution of CHF 5000, the organization can provide urgently needed help, especially in the challenging times during the Covid pandemic. This year the help was also very important, as the village of Yangri was hit by a flash flood. With the help of the donations, they can now slowly rebuild the school and the houses of the locals. More infomation about Himalayn Life and its important and purposeful projects can be found on

02. February 2022

Season’s greetings from the entire Anytherm Team

With great gratitude we look back to a busy, challenging but successful year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent collaborations and the exciting projects we have carried out together.

Merry Christmas and a successful, healthy and happy New Year!


24. December 2021

commissioning of Main Steam Air Heater for lArgest milk powder Spray Dryer in europe

Last month, two of Anytherm's engineers supervised the commissioning of the main steam air heater supplying process air to the largest milk powder spray dryer in Europe.

The steam air heater is designed for an airflow of over 200'000 kg/h, maximum operating air outlet temperature setpoint of 215°C and maximum allowable steam pressure of 27 barg. It consists of 2 units welded back-to-back on site. The complete steam air heater unit includes 1 filter section as well as 5 heater sections (water, flash steam/condensate and 3 steam sections).

Anytherms commissioning service supports the safe and secure implementation as well as operation of heat exchange and heat recovery systems after installation. Especially for bigger steam air heater and sorption dehumidifier units, our commissioning supervision is highly recommended.

12. November 2021

500 tons of stainless steel Processing over 4 million kilograms OF PROCESS AIR per hour

Our updated project reference list is available. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our numerous and versatile projects.

Providing maintenance friendly high quality solutions at internationally competitive prices, our units and services are being used all over the world. Within the last years, we delivered heat exchange and heat recovery units made of nearly 500 tons of stainless steel material - processing and/or recovering more than 4 million kilograms per hour of production and exhaust air. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers all over the world for the trust placed in us. 

25. August 2021

Finalization of former Brunner Thermo projects

A very busy period around the turn of the year lies behind us, in which we were able to complete numerous projects.

Despite a generally high workload, Anytherm stood by its customers and bought out all the running projects of its former (bankrupt) competitor Brunner Thermo and finalized them on behalf of its customers.

Furthermore, Anytherm employed the majority of the former Brunner Thermo engineering team and can therefor e.g. assist you in providing replacement heat exchanger units formerly supplied from the concursive Brunner Thermo.

07. February 2021

Merry Christmas And happy new Year

A challenging but successful year for Anytherm with many exciting projects is coming to an end. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and the successful and pleasant cooperation during the year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a successful and Happy New Year and are looking forward to a continued good cooperation.

24. December 2020

Ready for your pending project

Anytherm is at your disposal with full effort in assisting, finalizing and realizing your pending projects placed or intendet to place at our former competitor Brunner Thermo GmbH which had to declare bankruptcy.

We are pleased to inform that we have employed Maciek Szczech and Tomasz Westrych - the two most experienced engineers of former Brunner Thermo - and can therefore offer you the best possible support in the continuation and execution of your projects.

For the entire former Brunner Thermo employees we wish all the best in these challenging times.

16. November 2020

COVID-19, postponed orders and projects all around the world:  REVIEWing THE FIRST HALF of 2020

Within the last 6 months, Anytherm engineered and processed projects all around the world: from England to South Africa; from France to Vietnam.

Looking back at the first half year 2020, Anytherm resumes challenging as well as successful times. Caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, several potential Anytherm projects had been postponed. In order to be on track when returning towards the “business as usual”, Anytherm engineered and processed projects on its own risk before getting the official order. Thanks to our loyal and trustworthy customers, this has paid off as delayed orders have finally been received, allowing us to have our workforce available for additional new projects.

27. August 2020

At your disposal with full working capacity

In these challenging times we are pleased to inform that we are able beeing at your disposal with full working capacity - while respecting and complying with the current safety regulations.

Anytherms modern IT infrastructure offers the possibility for web and video conferences via MS Skype or Teams (or any other common web conference tool) having the possibility to share screens to efficiently discuss your project requests.

Our production capacities are available and we can manufacture your devices within the usual delivery times.

We consider it a matter of course to inform you transparently in case of changed conditions affecting your project inquiries and/or running projects.

30. March 2020

Anytherm's conference room and camera and headphone equipped workplace infrastructure

Recovering Oil from Contaminated Exhaust Air Of the printing industry

For an application within the printing industry, Anytherm realized a heat exchanger unit to recover oil from polluted exhaust air. During the drying of printing inks, water, mineral oil and CO2 is released through evaporation into polluted exhaust air. Our heat exchanger unit cools down the contaminated exhaust air, so that the contained substances condense and can then be recycled. The recovered oil can be refined and finally sold and used again. Resulting in clean air at the end of the process, this can eliminate the need of the energy and CO2-intense thermal post-combustion of the polluted exhaust air.


The successfully completed project, which included installation and isolation at the customers site, proves our ability in designing customized systems for various special applications - always aiming for the optimal solution in terms of technology, economy and ecology.

31. January 2020

Merry Christmas And happy new Year

An eventful year is ending and we look back to many exciting projects. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and the successful and pleasant cooperation throughout the year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful and happy New Year.

24. December 2019

Electrical Heating Unit Delivered to Finland

Anytherm recently delivered an Electrical Air Heater with a capacity of 70'000 kg/h as well as a Cooling Dehumidifier Unit with a flow rate 80'000 kg/h to a customer in Finland. With our Electrical Heating solutions, process air can be heated up to 400°C using electricity as energy source. Electrical heating elements can be integrated in all of our customized products - e.g. as extractable part installed in an insulated casing.

Further information about our Electrical Heater solutions can be found in the Products section of our website. 

17. December 2019

Deliveries to Singapore, Germany and Denmark

For a customer in Singapore, we recently delivered a Sorption Wheel Unit and a Fines Return Filter Unit. The Sorption Wheel Unit consists of a cooling pre-dehumidifier drying air from 25 to 11 g/kg which is then further dehumidified by means of absorption to 2 g/kg. A Pre Heater Recuperator was recently delivered to a customer in Denmark and is used for energy recovery of process air. For a German customer in the food industry an Exhaust-Air-Recuperator was delivered. The unit processes 140'000 m3/h of exhaust air and provides 740 kW of heat recovery.

We would like to thank our customers for the appreciated cooperations and look forward to continuous collaborations and projects. 

22. November 2019

New Reference List Available

More than 2 million kilograms per hour of production and exhaust air which is processed and/or recovered by our heat exchange and heat recovery units delivered within the past two years! We would like to express our gratitude to our customers all over the world for the trust placed in us.

Don't hesitate contacting us if you want to receive our reference list to learn more about our numerous and versatile projects.

25. September 2019

Two Sorption dehumidifier Units for spain

Two identical Sorption Dehumidifier Units have been manufactured and timely delivered to Spain where they are currently being installed in a food processing plant. The two units consist of sorption dehumidification wheels, electrical heaters and filter stages and are completely made from stainless steel. The casing is insulated to reduce energy losses into its surroundings. The wheels, electrical heaters and filters are easily accessible via the insulated doors.

28. August 2019

Steam Air Heater Unit incl. Armatures and Piping

A Steam Air Heater Unit as shown in the attached CAD drawing is currently being produced for one of ANYTHERM’s main customers.

The Steam Air Heater Unit will be equipped with a wintercoil, a flash steam and a condensate cooling stage, transferring the maximum amount of energy from the steam to the process air.

Furthermore, the Steam Air Heater Unit will be executed including armatures and piping on the inlet steam, providing our customer a turnkey system - ready to connect, ready to use.

28. June 2019

Delivery of Fines Return Filter Units

In cooperation with a new production partner, two fines return filter units have been produced and timely delivered to our customer. The units have been designed and fabricated according to PED (2014/68/EU) incl. CE certification.


The project execution went smooth and the products fulfil the high quality requirements of our customer. Cooperating with further certified production partners increases Anytherm’s flexibility and production capacity, assuring high quality project execution also when having sharp deadlines or high workloads.

31. May 2019

Sorption Wheel Dehumidifiers for Spain

ANYTHERM received an order of two sorption wheel dehumidification units for a factory in Spain. Both units consist of process and regeneration air fans, filter stages, a rotating PPS (silica gel) sorption wheel and electrical heaters – all installed into gas tight and insulated stainless steel housings. All parts can be easily extracted out of the casing, facilitating their inspection, cleaning and replacement.

With our sorption wheel solutions, process air can be dehumidified without the need of ice water (as usually used for dehumidification by means of condensation), enabling very dry process air humidity ratios of even below 2 g/kg.

03. April 2019

Moving Business Location

ANYTHERM is expanding and therefore moves its business location. From 1st of May 2019, our new company address will be: 

ANYTHERM AG, Laubisruetistrasse 42a, 8712 Staefa, Switzerland


→ Get some insights in our modern equipped office infrastructure by clicking the picture:


06. March 2019

Delivery of 30 tons Gas-to-Gas Heat Recuperator

Within only two months, this big 30 tons bare-tube gas-to-gas heat recuperator completely made of stainless steel (AISI 316L) has been produced and timely delivered to a factory in the Netherlands. 

We would like to thank our valued customer for the close and trustful cooperation. Also big thanks for the effort and high quality work executed by the workshop staff.

28. February 2019

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