Sorption Dehumidifier (Desiccant Wheel) Units

Efficient and Customized: Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Regeneration Air Outlet:

  • The regeneration air in couterflow dries out and therefore «regenerates» the sorption wheel

Process Air Inlet:

  • Up to 200’000 kg/h
  • Usually flows through 180° up to 270° sector (as shown) of the sorption wheel
Industrial Dessicant Wheel Dehumidifier Heat Exchanger Unit

Regeneration Air Inlet:

  • Temperatures in the range 120-170°C
  • Usually flows through 90° (as shown) up to 180° sector of the sorption wheel

Process Air Outlet:

  • Can be dried down to below 2 g/kg humidity without condensation

Main Features

  • Unit to dehumidify process air without condensation
  • Making use of the (ad)sorption process defined as the accumulation of molecules on a surface 
  • Core part is the so called sorption (or dessicant) wheel which accumulates (adsorbs) the water dissolved in the process air on its surface
  • Many additional components can be included in the sorption units (see optional equipment) according to the client specification and request

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Materials And Characteristic Values

Seal of sorption wheel
Seal of sorption wheel
  • Sorption wheel (also known as desiccant wheel): silica gel
  • Rotation: maintenance-friendly chain drive with a constant speed of around 10 to 15 rotations per hour
  • Seals: radial and axial seals (as shown on the right) to separate the two counter flows from each other and from the surroundings
  • Housing: Stainless steel with mineral wool insulation

Optional equipment

  • Regeneration air heater (e.g. steam)
  • Pre-cooler (condensation dehumidifier) for higher drying capacity 
  • Air cooler after the sorption wheel (as the air gets heated up by the drying process)
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Sound attenuators
  • Filter stages for both process and/or regeneration air
  • And more...

Customized according to client specification and request

Technical drawing of a desiccant wheel for building dehumidification with measurements

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